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Boreas Survey Now On-Line

Submitted by ORNL DAAC Staff on

To improve the BOREAS and BOREAS Follow-On data sets and to meet users' needs, we are conducting a survey.

The BOREAS and BOREAS Follow-On data sets continue to be important products at the ORNL DAAC. To date we have provided over 8,000 data products from these projects to nearly 1,500 users.

We invite you to fill out this survey, identifying any problems you had with the data and documentation or any difficulties you experienced in finding and acquiring the data sets. Information you provide will enable us to address problems that need attention. It will also help us determine which aspects of the BOREAS and BOREAS Follow-On information need to be expanded.

You can complete the survey at the BOREAS Home Page.

After you complete the on-line survey, submit your answers to the ORNL DAAC. If you would like a response to issues you raise, please provide your e-mail address. We will maintain the privacy of any personal information submitted according to our Privacy Policy.

Please complete the survey by the end of March 2004.