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Global Climate Data in GIS Formats

Submitted by ORNL DAAC Staff on 2001-12-19

ORNL DAAC has re-released a key climatology data set in two additional formats especially suitable for geographic information system (GIS) users.

Version 2.1 of "Global 30-Year Mean Monthly Climatology, 1930-1960 (Cramer and Leemans)" now offers the data in ASCII GRID format and binary format. These formats can be read directly into software packages such as ESRI's ARC/INFO and ERDAS' IMAGINE.

The Cramer and Leemans climatology data set contains monthly averages of mean temperature, temperature range, precipitation, rain days, and sunshine hours for the terrestrial surface of the globe. It is gridded at a 0.5-degree longitude/latitude resolution.

The Cramer and Leemans data are also available in the original ASCII format, which can be read in FORTRAN or with programs such as SAS.

For further information about the Cramer and Leemans data set and other climate-related data maintained by the ORNL DAAC, see our Climate Collections page.