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New Tabbed Interface for Mercury

Submitted by ORNL DAAC Staff on
The ORNL DAAC announces the release of a new user interface for the Mercury Search System (http://mercury.ornl.gov/ornldaac/). This new "tabbed" interface features cleaner, shorter pages and makes navigation easier. It also includes a "What's New" link under the "Browse" tab. The "What's New" feature informs users of the availability of new data sets.

A variety of data held by data centers and researchers around the world is available through Mercury, including data related to climate, hydrology, vegetation/land cover, land use, soil characteristics, and gas flux/emissions. Mercury also provides links to Web sites containing models for predicting biogeochemical processes. The system allows for free text, fielded attributes (such as site, investigator, parameter, and data set title), spatial, and temporal searching.

Please take a look at the new Mercury user interface to help you quickly and easily find key biogeochemical data and information throughout the world.