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RGD Data in Mercury

Submitted by ORNL DAAC Staff on 2002-04-25

Over 130 data sets related to regional and global biogeochemical dynamics can now be located and acquired through the Mercury metadata search system at the ORNL DAAC. Thirty-five data sets were added in the past 3 months.

A variety of data held by data centers and researchers around the world are available through Mercury, including data related to climate, hydrology, vegetation/land cover, land use, soil characteristics, and gas flux/emissions. Mercury also provides links to Web sites containing models for predicting biogeochemical processes.

Mercury allows users to search metadata files to identify data of interest, and it directs the users to the data. Users may perform a fielded search by attribute (such as site, investigator, parameter, and data set title), search documentation files, or search by keyword.

Metadata and summary documentation are provided for each data set. Also included are links to the data and to metadata, including complete documentation files stored with the data files.

Visit http://mercury.ornl.gov/ornldaac/ to access regional and global data in Mercury. At the top of the search screen, select "Regional and Global Data" and perform a search.

For additional regional and global data archived at the ORNL DAAC, visit the DAAC's main Web site (http://www.daac.ornl.gov).