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Submitted by ORNL DAAC Staff on 1998-05-13

A Global River discharge dataset, which contains monthly averaged discharge measurements for 1018 stations located throughout the world, is now available from the ORNL DAAC. The data were originally compiled by C. J. Vorosmarty and B.M. Fekete at the University of New Hampshire from published UNESCO archives for river discharge and published as RivDIS v 1.0. The updated RivDIS data (RivDIS v1.1) are useful in a variety of earth systems science and water resource planning applications.

The dataset covers a range of time periods, the earliest being from the 19th century; the average period of record is 21 years. A companion file contains information about the station where discharged was measured, including coordinates, basin area, next downstream station, country, basin name, and receiving water. Additional information is available in the RivDIS dataset guide document.