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TransCom3 Data Set Available

Submitted by ORNL DAAC Staff on

The ORNL DAAC announces the release of "TransCom3: Annual Mean CO2 Flux Estimates from Atmospheric Inversion (Level 1)", prepared by K.R. Gurney and A.S. Denning.

This data set provides input data for model simulations, model outputs from participating transport models, and annual mean CO2 flux estimates (inversion results) from the TransCom3, Level 1 inversion experiment. These surface-atmosphere CO2 annual mean fluxes were estimated for the 1992-1996 time period from an intercomparison of 16 different atmospheric tracer transport models. A FORTRAN program which writes the level 1 model output to standard netCDF format is also provided.

The Atmospheric Tracer Transport Model Intercomparison Project (TransCom) was created to quantify and diagnose the uncertainty in inversion calculations of the global carbon budget that results from errors in simulated atmospheric transport. All three phases of TransCom are complete. The Atmospheric Carbon Cycle Inversion Intercomparision (TransCom3) conducted a series of experiments in which 16 chemical tracer transport models were used to calculate the global carbon budget of the atmosphere.

See our TransCom Project page for further information about the project and to access associated data and documentation maintained by the ORNL DAAC.

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