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Soil Organic Carbon across Latin America

Predictions of soil organic carbon

Country-specific (a) and regional (b) predictions of SOC across Latin America based on a linear ensemble of methods.

A new dataset offers baseline estimates of soil organic carbon for Latin American countries.

California Fossil Fuel CO2 Emissions

Total CO2 concentrations and fossil fuel CO2 concentrations

Seasonal quartiles of total CO2 concentrations and fossil fuel CO2 concentrations for each of the nine observation sites in California, 2014-2015.

A new dataset provides estimates of CO2 emissions from fossil fuels across California in 2014-2015.

Soil Carbon Stocks for Tidal Wetlands

soil carbon in the Mississippi River delta

Estimated soil carbon stocks (using model results) throughout the Mississippi River delta in Louisiana. Cooler colors (blues and greens) indicate higher soil carbon concentrations.

Researchers with NASA's Carbon Monitoring System estimated the amount of carbon stored in the soil in tidal wetlands of the United States.

Field Measurements After Alaskan Wildfires

Forest plots in Tanana, AK

Photos from July 2017 field surveys near Tanana, Alaska, from left to right: unburned forest site; burned forest near the Spicer Creek Fire; high burn severity forest site.

Researchers with NASA's ABoVE field campaign measured burn severity in spruce forests that burned in 2015 near Tanana, Alaska.

ABoVE Data Measure Arctic Greening

MODIS and CCaN average growing season

MODIS (left) and CCaN (right) average growing season NDVI.

A new study of long-term NDVI trends across the North Slope of Alaska presents high-resolution growing-season NDVI from MODIS.

Soil Carbon Stocks for Tidal Wetlands

Three carbon stock estimation approaches for the Louisiana Delta region

Results of three carbon stock estimation approaches for the Louisiana Delta region: Left, using independently generated soil carbon maps from SSURGO; Middle, using the SSURGO bias-corrected for bulk density; Right, using single average carbon stock value from the compiled soil core data.

Soil carbon stocks for tidal wetland areas of the United States were estimated using four modeling approaches.

Atmospheric Profiles of Hydroxyl and Formaldehyde

Full flight tracks for ATom missions 1

Circles mark the locations of the 139 selected profiles sampling the remote troposphere. Circle color indicates HCHO column densities integrated over each ATom profile. Data are overlain on global gridded OMI HCHO column densities averaged over the mission. From Wolfe et al. (2019) (see dataset references).

New data from NASA's Atmospheric Tomography Mission (ATom) provide hydroxyl and formaldehyde column density in the remote troposphere.

Long-term Mean Leaf Area Index

Leaf area Index for July

Mean leaf area index for July (calculated over the period 1982-2015).

A global dataset characterizes the long-term (1981-2015) monthly mean Leaf Area Index (LAI) based on AVHRR GIMMS data.

Aboveground Biomass in Kalimantan, Indonesia

Aboveground biomass and land cover

Aboveground biomass (AGB) density maps of Kalimantan forests. (A) AGB density, and (B) mean density AGB aggregated by land cover class. From Ferraz et al., 2018.

A new dataset from the Carbon Monitoring System provides forest biomass, canopy height, and degradation maps across the Indonesian portion of the island of Borneo.

Global Fire Atlas Tracks 13 Million Fires

Average fire duration and daily fire expansion

Average fire duration and daily fire expansion displayed cumulatively for the 14 year study period, 2003-2016. From Andela et al., 2018.

A new global fire dataset tracks the dynamics of individual fires that occurred from 2003-2016 at 500 m resolution.