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Explore with the Updated Airborne Data Visualizer

Demonstration of the Airborne Flight Visualizer

The new interface for the Airborne Data Visualizer has separate views for exploring flight details or 3-variable plots.

View and access atmospheric gas data from NASA's ACT-America mission with the updated Airborne Data Visualizer.

ATom Instrument Calibration and Performance Data

The interior of the NASA DC-8 aircraft prepared for takeoff

The interior of the instrumented NASA DC-8 aircraft as prepared for takeoff. The UHSAS data were collected during ATom deployments.

Calibration and in-flight performance data for Ultra-High Sensitivity Aerosol Spectrometers used during ATom deployments is now available.

Biomass Data from the Carbon Monitoring System

Aboveground biomass for the tri-state region of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware

Aboveground biomass (Mg/ha) at 30-m resolution for the tri-state region of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware in 2011.

LiDAR-derived aboveground biomass, canopy height, and canopy coverage estimates for Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania are now available.

Daily Maps of Land Surface Thaw State

Surface thaw map

Surface thaw map for Alaska and Northwest Canada on April 25, 2003, derived from the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer (AMSR-E).

A new dataset from NASA's CARVE mission provides the daily thaw state of the Alaskan land surface from 2003 - 2015.

Climate and Dall Sheep Populations

Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve, Alaska, a study location for the ABoVE field campaign

A herd of Dall sheep ewes and lambs in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve, Alaska, a study location for the ABoVE field campaign. (Photo credit: Laura Prugh)

A new dataset from NASA's ABoVE campaign estimates effects of climate on Dall sheep populations throughout Alaska and northwestern Canada.

Data Highlight: Nitrogen Deposition

Total inorganic nitrogen deposition in the early 1990s.

Spatial patterns of total inorganic nitrogen deposition in the early 1990s. Darker areas have higher levels of nitrogen deposition (mg N/m2/y).

Gridded estimates of atmospheric nitrogen deposition are some of the most downloaded data of 2018.

Column-average CO2 Concentrations from ACT-America

ACT-America column-average carbon dioxide concentrations

Column-average CO2 measured during the first 20 minutes of flight off the coast of New Jersey on July 11, 2016, for the ACT-America mission.

A new dataset provides remotely-sensed column-average carbon dioxide concentrations measured over the Eastern US.

Forest Data from the AfriSAR Mission

AfriSAR project researchers in Gabon

Researchers collecting field data in Mondah Forest, Gabon, for the AfriSAR project. Photo credit: Carla Thomas, NASA, 2016

Tree data, canopy cover, and vertical profile metrics from forests in Gabon have been published.

Maximum NDVI from the ABoVE Campaign

Long-term maximum NDVI measured 2002-2017

Long-term maximum NDVI for the ABoVE study area covering the years 2002-2017.

Annual maximum NDVI estimates from 2002-2017 are available for most of Alaska and the Yukon Territory.

CO2 Concentrations in the Boston Area

Map of measurement stations in the Boston network and 2014 average afternoon CO2 emissions.

Measurement stations in the Boston area including two urban sites: Boston University (BU) and Copley Square (COP), and three boundary sites: Harvard Forest (HF), Canaan (CA), and Martha's Vineyard (MVY). Blue shading represents 2014 average afternoon CO2 emissions. See the dataset user guide for more details.

A new dataset from the North American Carbon Program provides atmospheric measurements of CO2 and model estimates of urban emissions at sites near Boston, Massachusetts, USA.