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MODIS Updates

MODIS Aqua Land Surface Temperature MYD21A2 available

MODIS Aqua land surface temperature and emissivity product (MYD21A2) is now available for order through the Global Subsets Tools and the web service. MYD21A2 was recently reprocessed by NASA to address a data quality issue.

MODIS MAIAC product MCD19A3 available for subset orders

MODIS Multi-angle Implementation of Atmospheric Correction (MAIAC) product MCD19A3 is available for order from the Global Subset Tool and the REST API. MCD19A3 is 8-Day 1km Level 3 product and provides Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) model parameters and surface albedo.

Subset data for AmeriFlux and NEON sites

A total of 139 new AmeriFlux sites and 59 new NEON sites were added to the Fixed Sites Subsets Tool. The tool now includes all of the AmeriFlux sites and the NEON core and relocatable field sites.

VNP09A1 available for the Fixed Sites Tools

VIIRS/S-NPP Surface Reflectance product VNP09A1 is now available to download and visualize from the Fixed Sites Tools. Now, in addition to the VNP09A1, three other VIIRS land products (surface reflectance VNP09H1, vegetation index VNP13A1 and LAI/FPAR VNP15A2H) are available from the MODIS tools.

Aqua Evapotranspiration MYD16A2 available for subset order

MODIS/Aqua Net Evapotranspiration MYD16A2 product is now available for order from the Global Subsets Tool and the REST API. The data has been reprocessed to fix an issue with the initial release of the product.

Two VIIRS products VNP09H1 and VNP15A2H available via the Global Subsets Tool

Two VIIRS products - VNP09H1 (surface reflectance) and VNP15A2H (leaf area index/fraction of photosynthetically active radiation) - are now available via the Global Subsets Tool.

MOD16A2 now available via the MODIS Fixed Sites Tool

MODIS/Terra Net Evapotranspiration data product MOD16A2 is now available via the Fixed Sites Subsets Tool. The tool provides customized subsets and visualizations of several MODIS Collection 6 land products for selected field and flux tower sites around the world.

Place bulk order for the MODIS Global Subsets Tool

This data tutorial shows how to place bulk orders for multiple locations or multiple products at once using the MODIS Global Subsets Tool and the recently released MODIS REST API .

MCD12Q1 Collection 6 now available

MODIS Land Cover MCD12Q1 inventory was updated from Collection 5 to Collection 6. New MODIS Global Subsets Tool orders will now receive the updated land cover classification product from year 2016 instead of year 2013. The MODIS Fixed Sites Tool was also updated with the new land cover data.

R Client for the MODIS API

Dr. Koen Hufkens released an update to the MODISTools R package. The package enables users to download MODIS data to their workspace via the MODIS API.