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Connecting the Drops

Scientists track return of Colorado River

USGS scientists track the timing of the long-awaited return of the Colorado River to its parched delta in Mexico on March 24, 2014.

Do we have enough water to meet our needs, now and in the future? Daymet, a meteorological data product at the ORNL DAAC, may help find the answer.

Daymet Single Pixel Web Services Now Available

Web Services for the Daymet Single Pixel Extraction Routine are now available through the Daymet website.

Summer 2014 ORNL DAAC Newsletter Announced

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC) is pleased to present the Summer 2014 issue of the ORNL DAAC Newsletter. This edition of the newsletter highlights Daymet data, tools, and some example uses.

2013 Daymet Data Available

The ORNL DAAC is pleased to announce that 2013 Daymet data is now available. Data is available for the conterminous U.S. and Southern Canada as ground station density allows.

Daymet: Daily Surface Weather Data on a 1-km Grid for North America, Version 2. Data set prepared by P.E. Thornton, M.M. Thornton, B.W. Mayer, N. Wilhelmi, Y. Wei, R. Devarakonda, and R.B. Cook.

Daymet Tile Updates

On May 6, 2014, we updated and posted for distribution a set of corrected Daymet Tiles. If you have downloaded Daymet data in the past, please check the Daymet Tiles or location/time for which you downloaded data against this list of updated tiles. The updates were necessary to correct a logical error in the routine that gap-fills nodata values for tmin and tmax in the input station data. On rare occasions, multiple input stations had the same multiple missing days causing errors in the regression routine.