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Feedback on Learning Resources!

Submitted by ORNL DAAC Staff on 2020-03-27
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The ORNL DAAC provides a variety of resources for creating, submitting, and using data products and services.

Learning Resources from the ORNL DAAC

The ORNL DAAC maintains web-based resources for creating, submitting, and using ORNL DAAC data products and services in a searchable learning page. Tutorials and guidance are provided for a wide range of ORNL DAAC data topics including:

  • Data access methods and subsetting through THREDDS, OPeNDAP, specialized web-based tools and services, and visualizers for NASA's Airborne campaigns.
  • Working examples of using and analyzing data in popular software packages such as R, Python, and MATLAB
  • Automatic retrievals of MODIS Land Products Subsets and Daymet Daily Gridded Weather Data

We've recently completed our annual review of these resources, and are now planning additions. If you have feedback on existing resources, or if you have needs not found here, please contact the ORNL DAAC User Services Office we'd love to hear from you.