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Improvements in Daymet continental-scale daily estimates

Daymet V4 Annual Total of Daily Precipitation in 2019

Annual Total of Daily Precipitation, 2019, shown in Daymet V4 gridded estimates.

Improvements in daymet continental-scale gridded daily precipitation and temperature estimates.

Insights into Ecosystem Dynamics Enabled by Instruments on the ISS

Michele Thornton, ORNL DAAC

Michele Thornton to moderate ESA Q&A with presenters from the session: Ecosystem Dynamics Enabled by New Instruments on the ISS - August 4, 2020 from 1:00 - 1:30.

ESA Session - Ecosystem Dynamics Enabled by Instruments on the International Space Station.


Learn How Dr. Sparkle Malone Uses ORNL DAAC Data

Headshot of Sparkle Malone in the field.

Dr. Sparkle Malone uses NASA data including the ORNL DAAC Global Subsets Tool and Daymet data for her research on carbon fluxes in the Everglades.

Dr. Sparkle Malone, uses NASA data to explore how a changing climate impacts ecosystem structure and function.

Jessica Welch to Present ORNL DAAC Tools at ESA Workshop

Headshot of Dr. Jessica N. Welch

Jessica Welch will demonstrate ORNL DAAC tools and service at the upcoming Ecological Society of America (ESA) virtual meeting.

The ORNL DAAC invites Ecological Society of America meeting participants to learn about our resources at the NASA Data Made Easy Workshop.

Carbon Combustion Following Saskatchewan Wildfires

Map of Saskatchewan and total carbon combustion.

Spatial estimates of total carbon combustion at 30 m resolution across the 2015 fire perimeters in Saskatchewan (a) and sampled fires (b, c, d). The spatial extents of sampled fires are shown as blue rectangles in (a).

A new Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE) provides spatial estimates of carbon combustion and uncertainty on a 30 m grid.