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Forest Inventories from Acre, Brazil

An unburned plot at the Transacreana site

An unburned forest plot at the Transacreana site in Acre, Brazil. Data were collected in late 2017.

A new dataset provides forest characteristics at unburned and recovering burned sites in Brazil.

Gabon Forest Height Profiles by TomoSAR

Bright areas in the figure on the right illustrates radar scattering through the forest canopy.

Tomographic image of Lope National Park for the cross-section marked by the blue line. Note the contrast between dark areas dominated by surface scattering and the bright areas with scattering through the forest canopy.

Three-dimensional maps of forest structure in Gabon are now available from the 2016 AfriSAR campaign.

Tracking Rain-On-Snow Events Across Alaska

Alaska rain-on-snow frequency and distribution

Annual time series of days with rain-on-snow summed for each 6-km pixel in Alaska.

Researchers with NASA's ABoVE campaign mapped rain-on-snow events across Alaska from 2003 to 2016.

Vegetation and Biomass in Tidal Marshes

Mississippi River Delta tidal marsh

Map of tidal marsh green vegetation, non-vegetation, and open water at 1m resolution for the Mississippi River Delta site in Terrebonne and St. Mary Parishes, Louisiana.

Three new datasets from NASA's Carbon Monitoring System provide high-resolution maps of six US tidal marshes.

Daymet Developer Recognized for Exceptional Research

Peter Thornton in the field

Oak Ridge National Lab Distinguished Researcher Peter Thornton in the field.

The lead developer of Daymet receives recognition as a highly cited author.