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CO2 Concentrations in the Boston Area

Map of measurement stations in the Boston network and 2014 average afternoon CO2 emissions.

Measurement stations in the Boston area including two urban sites: Boston University (BU) and Copley Square (COP), and three boundary sites: Harvard Forest (HF), Canaan (CA), and Martha's Vineyard (MVY). Blue shading represents 2014 average afternoon CO2 emissions. See the dataset user guide for more details.

A new dataset from the North American Carbon Program provides atmospheric measurements of CO2 and model estimates of urban emissions at sites near Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Soil Carbon Content Across the Great Plains

Visualization of Surface Soil Organic Carbon Fractions across the Great Plains Region, USA.

Visualization of surface soil organic carbon fractions across the Great Plains region, USA, using nearest neighbor interpolation (from the ORNL DAAC Spatial Data Access Tool).

A new dataset provides gridded estimates of organic carbon in soil at 1 km resolution across four US states.

Carbon Fluxes in Coastal Ecosystems

Study domain for mean annual fluxes of carbon in Coastal Ecosystems of Eastern North America

Study domain indicating locations of estuaries and shelf waters in the three subregions: the Gulf of Maine (GOM), the Mid-Atlantic Bight (MAB), and the South Atlantic Bight (SAB; From Najjar et al. 2018).

New data from the North American Carbon Program (NACP) provide mean annual carbon fluxes in coastal areas of Eastern North America.

Modeled WRF-STILT Footprints for Boston, MA

Data from the WRF-STILT model representing the response of a receptor in Boston, Massachusetts

Estimated surface influence on the carbon dioxide concentration at a receptor in Boston, Massachusetts (ppm/umol m-2 s-1).

Modeled footprint products estimate the influence of upwind surface fluxes on observed carbon dioxide and methane concentrations.

MODIS Inputs for Agroecosystem Modeling

Leaf area index at 30 km resolution for the month of January.

Average leaf area index during January (2003-2010). This figure was created from the data file leaf_stem_area_index_monthly_climatology_2003-2010.nc4.

Vegetation and albedo parameters from MODIS Collection 5 were reprocessed for use in regional agroecosystem-climate models.