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NASA Earthdata Article Highlights Methane Research

Submitted by ORNL DAAC Staff on 2021-06-29
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Sunshine Canyon Landfill Methane plume
Image Media

The AVIRIS-NG instrument detected large methane plumes coming from Sunshine Canyon Landfill during its October 2016 overpass. The plumes are shown in a yellow to red gradient, with red representing higher concentrations of methane. Image credit: Cusworth et al. 2020.

The NASA Earthdata Website recently published an article, From Cow Manure to Landfills: Mapping Methane in California, that highlights two recently published ORNL DAAC datasets and discusses the California Methane Survey.

Take a look and learn how the Methane Source Finder mapped potential methane in California and developed new technologies to make remote sensing data of methane emissions readily available.

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