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Carbon Sequestration Potential for Maryland

Maximum forest aboveground biomass

Carbon sequestration potential within the state of Maryland, defined as 95% of maximum forest aboveground biomass (Mg/ha), simulated after 500 years of succession.

A new dataset maps the aboveground biomass of Maryland's forests and estimates their potential for future carbon sequestration.

Introduction to Geospatial Analysis in R

Forest disturbance by fire and insect infestation

The webinar featured data on the locations of forest disturbance by fire (red) and insect infestation (yellow) across northwestern USA between 2006 and 2010.

The recording of our NASA Earthdata webinar on "Introduction to Geospatial Analysis in R" is now available.

California Fossil Fuel CO2 Emissions

Total CO2 concentrations and fossil fuel CO2 concentrations

Seasonal quartiles of total CO2 concentrations and fossil fuel CO2 concentrations for each of the nine observation sites in California, 2014-2015.

A new dataset provides estimates of CO2 emissions from fossil fuels across California in 2014-2015.

Soil Organic Carbon across Latin America

Predictions of soil organic carbon

Country-specific (a) and regional (b) predictions of SOC across Latin America based on a linear ensemble of methods.

A new dataset offers baseline estimates of soil organic carbon for Latin American countries.

Ecosystem Functional Types Across the USA

Ecosystem functional type (EFT) categories

Spatial distribution of 64 ecosystem functional type (EFT) categories across the conterminous United States (CONUS). For each pixel, the dominant EFT is reported.

New data from the Carbon Monitoring System classifies ecosystems based on their similar ecosystem functioning.