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Harmonized Global Land Use and Land Cover

Map of land use transition in South America.

The area fraction that has transitioned from C3 annual crops in 2015 to secondary vegetation in 2016 on LUH2 potential forest land. Spatial resolution 0.25-degree grid cells.

Annual estimates of fractional land use and cover patterns are available for the period 2015 to 2100.

Improved Global Subsets Tool for MODIS/VIIRS Land Products

Screenshot fo the Global Subsets Tool.

The MODIS/VIIRS Global Subsetting and Visualization Tool streamlines the use of MODIS and VIIRS land product data.

Responsive design with multiple products and site ordering features now available in Global Subsets Tool for MODIS/VIIRS Land Products.

Atmospheric Concentrations from the QCLS Instruments

Image of the the Harvard QCLS Instrument

The Harvard QCLS (DUAL and CO2) instrument package contains 2 separate optical assemblies and calibration systems, and a common data system and power supply.

The Harvard Quantum Cascade Laser System (QCLS) instrument data is now available from the Atmospheric Tomography Mission (ATom).

New Instrument Data From ATom

Image of the UCATS system.

The UCATS system is three different instruments in one enclosure: a two-channel chromatograph with electron capture detectors (one measures N2O and SF6, the other measures CH4, H2 and CO), a tunable diode laser instrument for H2O, and a dual-beam O3 photometer.

A new dataset was collected using the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Chromatograph for Atmospheric Trace Species (UCATS).

Soil Organic Carbon Estimates for Mexico

Map of Mexico's soil organic carbon.

(A) Digital map of soil organic carbon (kg/m2) at 1 m depth and 90 m spatial resolution. The black and blue colored areas are urban areas and water bodies. (B) An area in northern Mexico illustrating the level of detail achieved by mapping across 90 m grids.

Estimates of soil organic carbon are now available from Mexico at a 90 meter resolution.