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Soil Temperature Profiles for Interior Alaska

USArray measurement sites

USArray measurement sites in Alaska. Sites are labeled with site ID and maximum measurement depth and color-coded by mean annual ground temperature (MAGT in degrees C) of the deepest sensor measurements. Data are omitted for sites disrupted by bears.

Soil temperature data were collected at Alaskan USArray seismic monitoring sites from 2016-2018.

Monitoring Permafrost with P-Band SAR

Active layer thickness and uncertainty.

Active layer thickness with uncertainty for a flight swath over the northern section of Alaska's Dalton Highway in summer 2015.

NASA's ABoVE airborne campaign provides estimates of active layer thickness and soil properties derived from the AirMOSS instrument.

Mechanistic Soil Nitrogen Module for CMAQ

Soil nitrous oxide emissions.

Soil nitrous oxide emissions on a monthly average basis for July 2011 estimated with the mechanistic scheme.

A new model dataset improves the timing and spatial distribution of estimates of soil nitrogen emissions.

Soil Organic Carbon across Latin America

Predictions of soil organic carbon

Country-specific (a) and regional (b) predictions of SOC across Latin America based on a linear ensemble of methods.

A new dataset offers baseline estimates of soil organic carbon for Latin American countries.

Soil Carbon Stocks for Tidal Wetlands

soil carbon in the Mississippi River delta

Estimated soil carbon stocks (using model results) throughout the Mississippi River delta in Louisiana. Cooler colors (blues and greens) indicate higher soil carbon concentrations.

Researchers with NASA's Carbon Monitoring System estimated the amount of carbon stored in the soil in tidal wetlands of the United States.