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Global Model Outputs from MsTMIP

Gross Primary Productivity modeled for the month of July 2010

Global monthly 0.5-degree Gross Primary Productivity (GPP) in July 2010 from model LPJ-wsl's SG3 simulation.

NACP MsTMIP: Global 0.5-degree Model Outputs in Standard Format, Version 1.0

This data set provides global gridded estimates of carbon, energy, and hydrologic fluxes between the land and atmosphere from 15 Terrestrial Biosphere Models (TBMs) in a standard format. Model estimates are at monthly and yearly time steps for the period 1900 to 2010, with a spatial resolution of 0.5 degree x 0.5 degree globally, excluding Antarctica. The 15 models are: BIOME-BGC, CLM, CLM4VIC, CLASS-CTEM, DLEM, GTEC, ISAM, LPJ, ORCHIDEE, SIB3, SIBCASA, TEM6, TRIPLEX-GHG, VEGAS, and VISIT. There are 1,484 files in netCDF v4 format with this dataset. Each file contains all time steps of a single variable output from one of five simulations by each model. Note that not all models performed all simulations. MsTMIP defined a list of required/optional variables to be generated by each model.

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Data Citation:
Huntzinger, D.N., C.R. Schwalm, Y. Wei, R.B. Cook, A.M. Michalak, K. Schaefer, A.R. Jacobson, M.A. Arain, P. Ciais, J.B. Fisher, D.J. Hayes, M. Huang, S. Huang, A. Ito, A.K. Jain, H. Lei, C. Lu, F. Maignan, J. Mao, N.C. Parazoo, C. Peng, S. Peng, B. Poulter, D.M. Ricciuto, H. Tian, X. Shi, W. Wang, N. Zeng, F. Zhao, Q. Zhu, J. Yang, and B. Tao. 2018. NACP MsTMIP: Global 0.5-degree Model Outputs in Standard Format, Version 1.0. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.
Data Center: ORNL DAAC