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CLM5-DART Western US Carbon Fluxes and Stocks, 1998-2010

Submitted by ORNL DAAC Staff on 2021-09-27
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Overview of the assimilation system CLM5-DART.
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Overview of the assimilation system (CLM5-DART) that combines observations with model ensemble simulations from CLM5.0. Satellite-derived observations of aboveground biomass and leaf area index were used to adjust the simulated model state of CLM5.0. Source: Razcka et al. (2021)

The ORNL DAAC recently released the following new Carbon Monitoring System (CMS) dataset by Raczka, B.M., et al. (2021):

CLM5-DART Regional Carbon Fluxes and Stocks over the Western US, 1998-2010

This dataset provides monthly estimates of biomass stocks and land-atmosphere carbon exchange across the western United States at coarse resolution from 1998 through 2010. The data include outputs from two model simulations: (1) a "free" simulation which used the Community Land Model (CLM version 5.0) forced with meteorology appropriate for complex mountainous terrain, and (2) model runs using the land surface data assimilation ("assim") system (CLM5-DART). The CLM5 vegetation state is constrained by remotely sensed observations of leaf area index and aboveground biomass, which influenced biomass stocks and carbon fluxes. This approach improved the vegetation state's representation along with the associated carbon, water, and nitrogen cycling.

The NASA CMS program is designed to make significant contributions in characterizing, quantifying, understanding, and predicting the evolution of global carbon sources and sinks through improved monitoring of carbon stocks and fluxes. The System uses NASA satellite observations and modeling/analysis capabilities to establish the accuracy, quantitative uncertainties, and utility of products for supporting national and international policy, regulatory, and management activities. CMS data products are designed to inform near-term policy development and planning.

Additional data from CMS and other relevant links can be found on the ORNL DAAC's CMS Project Page.

Citation(s): Raczka, B.M., T.J. Hoar, H.F. Duarte, A.M. Fox, J.L. Anderson, D.R. Bowling, and J.C. Lin. 2021. CLM5-DART Regional Carbon Fluxes and Stocks over the Western US, 1998-2010. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA. https://doi.org/10.3334/ORNLDAAC/1856

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