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Daymet Tile Selection Tool Retirement

Submitted by ORNL DAAC Staff on 2022-06-16
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Screenshot of the Tile Selection Tool
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On Wednesday, July 6, the ORNL DAAC will retire one of its access methods to the Daymet daily data known as the Tile Selection Tool (TST). The TST, released in 2012, was one of the first access methods to the Daymet data distributed as tiled data.

Access to Daymet tiled data is still useful to users whose area of interest falls within the smaller spatial extent of a tile, which reduces the data volume needed for download. Daymet tiled data continue to be available through a Thematic Real-time Environmental Data Services (THREDDS) server. Several sample scripts are available on GitHub to automate download of Daymet daily 2-degree tiles. One script demonstrates automating the download of individual variable netCDF files via https. And a Jupyter Notebook contains an interactive map showing examples of scripted download of tiled netCDF files from the THREDDS server.

Other subsetting methods of the North American spatial extent of Daymet data are available and programmatically demonstrated through the THREDDS NetCDF Subset Service (NCSS) and the Open-source Project for a Network Data Access Protocol (OPeNDAP).

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