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Timeline for 2018 Daymet Update

Average daily temperature maximum, 2017

Daymet average daily temperature maximum for 2017.

Given the partial government shutdown, the annual update of Daymet may be delayed.

Daymet Developer Recognized for Exceptional Research

Peter Thornton in the field

Oak Ridge National Lab Distinguished Researcher Peter Thornton in the field.

The lead developer of Daymet receives recognition as a highly cited author.

Daymet now available in the Fixed Sites Tool

Fixed Sites Subsets Tool for North America Now Includes Daymet Data

A site within the National Ecological Observatory Network demonstrates that Daymet data can now be accessed using the Fixed Sites Subsets Tool.

For study sites in North America, Daymet daily weather data is now provided alongside pre-processed MODIS and VIIRS data subsets.

Daymet Goodness-of-Fit Statistics for 2017

Daymet station-level cross-validation statistics for year 2016

Station-level cross validation of Daymet at weather station locations showing annual mean absolute error (MAE; degrees C) for the variable maximum temperature (tmax) in 2016.

Daymet provides information to access the accuracy and uncertainty of modeled climate data at each ground station location or two-degree tile.

Daymet Climatologies Updated

Daymet V3 average annual minimum temperature for 1980 and 2015

Daymet V3 average annual minimum temperature for 1980 and 2015 for a subset of the Daymet domain in Alaska and western Canada.

Daymet V3 annual and monthly climatologies for minimum and maximum temperature, precipitation, and vapor pressure have been updated to include year 2017.