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MODIS Collection 6 Phenology and Other Updates

Submitted by ORNL DAAC Staff on 2019-04-08
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MODIS pixel quality for Paradise, CA
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Periodic fires near Paradise, California (in 2001, 2008, and 2018) observed from MODIS as recorded in the newly released MCD64A1 product: MODIS/Terra and Aqua Burned Area Monthly L3.

MODIS Land Product Subsets

The ORNL DAAC is happy to announce updates to its MODIS Land Products. These services provide user-defined subsets of selected MODIS Land Products at a scale useful for field researchers in easy-to-use formats and are offered in collaboration with the Land Processes DAAC.

  • Updated MODIS inventory with a newly released Collection 6 phenology product MCD12Q2. Compared to the Collection 5 product, the new product includes additional science data layers to better capture phenometrics in systems with multiple vegetation cycles per year.
  • Added two MODIS Collection 6 products to its Global Subsets Tool and the web service – MCD64A1 and MOD44B. MCD64A1 is a monthly burned area product generated using surface reflectance and active fire input data and available at 500m pixel resolution. MOD44B is a yearly Vegetation Continuous Fields (VCF) product and provides information on tree and non-tree percent cover and percent non-vegetated land at 250m resolution.
  • Added a new land surface temperature (LST) and emissivity product (MYD21A2) from the MODIS onboard Aqua satellite to its Global Subsets Tools and the web service. The new product MYD21A2 uses a different physics-based algorithm and an improved water vapor scaling atmospheric correction to stabilize the retrieval during warm and humid conditions. MYD21A2 was recently reprocessed by NASA to address a data quality issue. ORNL DAAC also distributes other three MODIS LST products MYD21A2, MOD11A2 and MYD11A2 for subset order and visualization. The LST product MOD21A2 from MODIS onboard Terra satellite is only available from 2000-2005 as it is impacted by significant cross-talk in the Band 29 after 2005. Also, note that the product is released with a provisional maturity status.

Start exploring the MODIS Land Products today!

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