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MODIS Web Service updated to a RESTful API

MODIS Web Services

MODIS Web Services offered by the ORNL DAAC

ORNL DAAC’s MODIS Web Service has been updated to a RESTful Application Programming Interface (API). The MODIS Web Service can be used to programmatically retrieve subsets for a variety of MODIS Collection 6 Land Products for user-defined areas and time periods.

The updated MODIS Web Service offers improved performance, simplified client solutions, standards-based specifications, and responses in either CSV or JSON format. Example calls to each web service function are provided at

We provide several tutorials demonstrating how to retrieve MODIS data via the web service using Python and R:

  • The API also provides programmatic access to the advanced visualization and quality filtering capabilities of the web-based MODIS tools maintained by the ORNL DAAC:

  • MODIS Collection 6 Land Products Global Subsetting and Visualization Tool
  • MODIS Collection 6 Land Products Fixed Sites Subsetting and Visualization Tool
  • Citation:
    ORNL DAAC. 2018. MODIS Collection 6 Land Product Subsets RESTful Web Service. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA. Accessed May 05, 2018. Products obtained using the MODIS Web Service tool.

    Data center: ORNL DAAC
    Sponsor: NASA EOSDIS