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Learn How Dr. Sparkle Malone Uses ORNL DAAC Data

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Headshot of Sparkle Malone in the field.
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Dr. Sparkle Malone uses NASA data including the ORNL DAAC Global Subsets Tool and Daymet data for her research on carbon fluxes in the Everglades.

Dr. Sparkle Malone uses models, field observations, and remotely-sensed data to investigate how disturbances and changes in climate are leading to increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) or shifts in land cover type over time. The ORNL DAAC is a primary source for the MODIS/VIIRS land products Dr. Malone uses in her research, which she accesses using the Global Subsets Tool. Daymet is also especially useful for her studies on the effects of wildland fire, drought, and other disturbances on ecosystems in the Everglades and in several western states, including Colorado and California.

Dr. Malone is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Science at Florida International University in Miami, FL, and has served on the ORNL DAAC User Working Group since 2019.

To read more about Dr. Malone's work and her use of NASA Earth science data, see
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