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Improved Global Subsets Tool for MODIS/VIIRS Land Products

Screenshot fo the Global Subsets Tool.

The MODIS/VIIRS Global Subsetting and Visualization Tool streamlines the use of MODIS and VIIRS land product data.

Responsive design with multiple products and site ordering features now available in Global Subsets Tool for MODIS/VIIRS Land Products.

SMAP NEE Data for Research Sites

Fixed Sites Subsetting and Visualization Tool

The Fixed Sites Subsets Tool provides customized, pre-processed, subsets and visualizations of land products for selected field and flux tower sites around the world.

The Fixed Sites Subsets Tool now provides pre-processed subsets of SMAP Net Ecosystem Exchange data, in addition to many VIIRS and MODIS products, at research sites around the world.

Learn to use the MODIS subsetting tool

MODIS Global Subsetting Tool

The powerful MODIS subsetting tool allows users to access 14 different products from NASA's Terra and Aqua satellites for any site in the world from the year 2000 to the present.