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Survey Invitations Sent to ORNL DAAC Users

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The NASA EOSDIS 2017 American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) Survey collects valuable feedback from our users. Please Participate.


Burned Areas in the Arctic-Boreal Region

End-of-season burned area

Cumulative end-of-season burned area for the year 2015 in a subset of Alaska and Western Canada.

Researchers with ABoVE have mapped the 14 year history of burned areas above 60 degrees N.

Workshop on NASA Earthdata for Ecology

Presenters from the Ecology from Space workshop

Presenters from the Ecology from Space workshop on August 10, 2017. From left: Michele Thornton (ORNL DAAC), Pinki Mondal (SEDAC), Alison Boyer (ORNL DAAC), and Jennifer Brennan (EOSDIS). Cole Krehbiel (LP DAAC) is not pictured.

On August 10, 2017, ORNL DAAC staff organized an informational workshop at the annual meeting of the Ecological Society of America.

Environmental data for US counties

Monthly average precipitation

Data set C14: Monthly average precipitation for July by state climatic division 1941-1970.

This revised dataset includes a variety of environmental, climate, and socioeconomic variables at the county level for the period 1941 to 1981.

Forest Structure near Manaus, Brazil

Footprints for surveyed areas

Footprints for surveyed areas in Amazonas, Brazil are included in amazonas_lidar_footprints.shp. The K34 eddy flux tower (AmeriFlux BR-Ma2) is within the surveyed area at the Cuieiras Biological Reserve.

LiDAR point clouds and digital terrain models (DTM) describe the forest structure near Manaus, Brazil.