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LiDAR data from Amazonia

Footprints from each of the surveyed areas

Footprints from each of the surveyed areas within Tapajos National Forest in Para, Brazil are included in TAP_A_footprints.shp. The Km67 and Km83 eddy flux towers (AmeriFlux Sites BR-Sa1 and BR-Sa3) are within the surveyed areas.

LiDAR data from the Brazilian rainforest provides information on the effects of selective logging on forest structure and carbon balance.

Aboveground biomass in Sonoma County

Estimated aboveground biomass for Sonoma County

Estimated aboveground biomass (Mg/ha) for Sonoma County at 30-m spatial resolution using the random forest method. Zoom-in figure is a subset near Santa Rosa, the largest city in California's North Coast.

High-resolution estimates of aboveground biomass, canopy height, and percent tree cover are available for Sonoma County, California, USA.


Ecosystem Effects of Boreal Forest Fires

Boreal fire severity metrics

Maps of derived metrics aggregated to 1 degree for (a) crown scorch, (b) vegetation combustion, and (c) total relative tree mortality (from Rogers et al., 2015, Supplementary Figure 4).

A new data set characterizes the immediate and longer-term ecosystem changes from fires in the boreal forests of Northern Eurasia and North America.

Map Collection for Prudhoe Bay Oilfield, Alaska

Cumulative impact map of disturbances for Prudhoe Bay

Cumulative impact map of infrastructure related disturbances from 2010 for Prudhoe Bay Oilfield site A.

A new ABoVE data set provides historical records of vegetation, water, and soils within the Prudhoe Bay region of Alaska.

Vegetation on Arctic Pingos

Large pingo feature in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

A typical pingo, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. This feature is 7 m high and has a basal diameter of 110 m (from Walker, 1990).

A pingo is a mound of earth-covered ice found in the Arctic. A new data set provides vegetation data on 41 pingos in the North Slope of Alaska.