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Monitoring Indonesian Forests with LiDAR

90 survey sites across the Indonesian portion of the island of Borneo

The 2014 LiDAR campaign covered 90 survey sites and approximately 100,000 hectares across the Indonesian portion of the island of Borneo (from Hagen 2015).

NASA's Carbon Monitoring System collected LiDAR data from Indonesia as part of a national forest carbon inventory.


Mapping peatlands in Michigan's UP

Peatland type map

Peatland type map for the upper peninsula of Michigan (from Bourgeau-Chavez et al. 2017).

Researchers used multi-sensor fusion techniques to map peatland ecosystems in the upper peninsula of Michigan.

Arctic Vegetation Maps for ABoVE

Surveying vegetation plots

Surveying tundra vegetation at the Barrow, Alaska research site.

The ABoVE campaign provides historical environmental and vegetation data at Alaskan research sites.

Snowmelt and surface thaw in Alaska

thawed surfaces in Alaska

Map of thawed land surfaces in Alaska as measured by the AMSR-E satellite radiometer on April 25, 2003.

New data from NASA's CARVE provides daily maps of the thaw state of Alaska's land surface from 2003 to 2014.

Photos and Videos from CARVE

wetlands in Alaska

Photo taken on the 8 October 2015 CARVE flight above the Innoko National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.

Photos and videos taken during CARVE flights, as well as daily flight reports, are now available online.