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Remote Sensing and Invasive Species

Graph of research publications over time.

Searching for the term remote sensing and words related to invasive species (invasive, nonnative, exotic, or nonindigenous) in Google Scholar reveals an increasing number of publications each year using these terms.

A new Earthdata article describes how researchers are using remote sensing to map invasive species.

Greenness Trends for Alaska and Canada

Landsat NDVI times series for 1984-2012

NDVI trends derived from 30 m Landsat NDVI times series for 1984-2012 across Canada and Alaska.

A new dataset from NASA's ABoVE campaign provides trends in NDVI over the Landsat era.

Maximum NDVI from the ABoVE Campaign

Long-term maximum NDVI measured 2002-2017

Long-term maximum NDVI for the ABoVE study area covering the years 2002-2017.

Annual maximum NDVI estimates from 2002-2017 are available for most of Alaska and the Yukon Territory.