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LiDAR Derived Aboveground Biomass for Northwestern USA Forests

Map of sampling locations.

The locations of the 176 lidar collection areas (light green polygons) acquired between 2002 and 2016.

Aboveground biomass was derived from forest inventory data and lidar imagery.

WAVeTrends: Trends in Woody and Herbaceous Vegetation

Map of vegetation change in West Africa.

Concurrent woody and herbaceous vegetation changes between the 1982-1991 and 2004-2013 decades of the Sudano-Sahel region of Africa. (A) Map of vegetation change categories. (B) Chart showing the conceptual position and the relative abundance of each category in a 2-D space.

Vegetation change data spanning the West African Sudano-Sahel region is now available.

Amazonia Forest Canopy Structure from LiDAR

Map of Para, Brazil.

Bounding boxes for LiDAR tiles from surveys over western Para, Brazil, are depicted in Google Earth from the KMZ companion file. Each feature in the KMZ provides key metadata about the corresponding tile.

LiDAR surveys over forest research sites across the Amazon rainforest in Brazil are available.

Aboveground Biomass in Kalimantan, Indonesia

Aboveground biomass and land cover

Aboveground biomass (AGB) density maps of Kalimantan forests. (A) AGB density, and (B) mean density AGB aggregated by land cover class. From Ferraz et al., 2018.

A new dataset from the Carbon Monitoring System provides forest biomass, canopy height, and degradation maps across the Indonesian portion of the island of Borneo.

Forest Data from the AfriSAR Mission

AfriSAR project researchers in Gabon

Researchers collecting field data in Mondah Forest, Gabon, for the AfriSAR project. Photo credit: Carla Thomas, NASA, 2016

Tree data, canopy cover, and vertical profile metrics from forests in Gabon have been published.